How many people can I have in a team?
You can have up to 12 people within your team, but feel free to create a group with fewer numbers, please be aware that some of the items in the rounds are awarded points for the number of team members doing a skill

What if I don't have 12 people?
Your welcome to still register your team, however, you mightn't be able to score as high on specific round items, due to the smaller team size.

How do I sign up?
You will need to complete the details & upload a photo for each of your team members. You can download a form to help you collect all your team memberships details; then when you're ready you can upload the details here

What Information do I need from my team members?
You will need a photo, name & a strength for each of your team members, you will need to allocate a Team Captain, & we will need their email adddress, who will be responable for receiving communications & uploading your team submissions.

I have signed our team up, Now what?
That's fantastic news; your team captain will recieve a confirmation email to confirmed that we have received all the team's information. Now print off the round lists & start getting familiar with what you need to photography/video at each round.
Ensure you have the PoleGuide App installed on one or more of your team members phones, so you know which moves are what. You can get the app here. On the 1st day of each round, your team captain will receive an email, that will have a list of photos & videos that you must try and collect by the end of the last day, along with a link to where they will be able to upload the team's submissions for that round.

What do we do if we have limited poles in the studio?
Get creative, if you have access to limited number of poles, as extra points will be awarded to submissions that save markers time. However, for routines, you might need to video the team in two groups, ensure that no team member doubles up, as points will be deducted for each team member who appears more than once for each listed skill

When are the rounds?
Round 1 - 7th - 9th June 2019
Round 2 - 21st - 23rd June 2019
Round 3 - 5th - 7th July 2019

What do we win?
Glory! What else do you want?
We will rank each studio based on scores for each round, announce each round winners, 1st & 2nd runners up. Your studio's points will be accrued based on located to determine State Winner & Runner-Ups. The studio that accures the most points over the 3 rounds will be announced as the studio winner & sent to the State Of Pole 2019 Trophy.

Is this limited to Pole Studios in NSW & QLD?
No, Studios of all states can participate, we just figured Studios of NSW & QLD would understand the play on the State of Origin better than those of other states, but we welcome teams from all over Australia to compete in this fun & unique Pole Dancing Competition

Can I get State of Pole Mech?
Yes, we have shirts & hoodies in Black, and NSW Navy & QLD Maroon - take a look here & we will take requests for colours for the other states

State of Pole

On the day of each round, the teams will be emailed with the list of photos & videos they must collect to sumbited for scoring