The team Pole Dancing Competition like no other!

The first pole competition of its kind in its 2nd year running!

In the State of Pole you and your studio family form a team (or multiple) and battle other studio teams for the title of 2019 State of Pole Championship winners, all from the comfort of your studio.

The championship series judged across three separate rounds, where you and your team capture photos and videos of a designated list of moves or challenges, each worth an allocated number of points based on the team/individual involvement displayed. Each team submits their images and videos, and the team who complete the most challenges will win the round. Following the third and final round, the team points collected, counted and the highest point score is announced the overall championship series winner!

State of Pole is the perfect challenge to help you build team moral amongst your pole family while running in line with your regularly scheduled classes, and pushing your students to work together and try new things.

No longer do pole dancing competitions need to be way outside of your comfort zone! Students and instructors can compete in State of Pole in the comfort of your studio, on the poles they are familiar with, and at their own pace. With no travel, accommodation or other competition-related costs, State of Pole is the perfect way for your most shy students to dip their toe in the water of competitive pole dance, all with their pole besties by their sides. Open to polers of all level and background, State of Pole gives instructors and studio owners the chance to compete alongside their beginner students, and everyone in between.

Moreover, we understand that every studio has a different name for each Pole Move, so we have teamed up with Pole Guide to give us a universal curriculum to work from.

Rounds and Dates!

Round 1 of State of Pole

Round One

Round 2 of State of Pole

Round Two

Round 3 of state of Pole

Round Three

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