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We know that putting together a team for something like this can be a challenge, so we hav come up with a few little things to help you get a team or two together of this years State of Pole
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State Of Pole Team Photo

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State of Pole Team Photo

Team Name:
Team Captain:

List of Items to keep handy!

At 12pm on the day of the round, your team captain will be emailed with one of the folowing items, which will be selected at random on that day, this item must appear in each of the photos & videos that your team submit for scoring. So don't jump the buzzer & try to get though the lists before then. You will have until 12pm the following day to get all you photos & video uploaded for scoring. Still not registered start Here
Pole Heels
Dry Hands Bottle
Spray Bottle
Knee Pads
Foam Roller
Yoga Matt

State of Pole

On the day of each round, the teams will be emailed with an item that must be included within all the photos & videos sumbited for scoring